I Am! I Am! (My Own Kind of Pretty)

Suzanne Gladstone

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I Am! I Am! (My Own Kind of Pretty) This song is my newest single release off of my upcoming album I'm working on. I wrote this song from my own personal life experiences but I know there are so many out there who have gone through a lot of hard times and had to pick themselves up many times before. We all have our own unique stories and our own unique soul purpose. We are all a bit different on the inside. Who we are on the inside is what matters but so many are afraid to truly dive in and explore their true selves. In this world we live in, every day we are all slammed with judgmental personalities and ads on the TV, Radio and Internet about how to make us more beautiful and likeable. There is always so much pressure to be somebody you're not, or that you feel you have to be in order to please the people around you. This song is to remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU are BEAUTIFUL, YOU are UNIQUE!, and YOU yes YOU! Are You're OWN Kind of Pretty! Go after your dreams and next time someone tries to be mean just say, "Hey! Go Away! Don't need that negativity!". I hope my song inspires you and I hope you know how amazing you truly are. You are more powerful than you know. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Happiness is a choice, keep the negativity behind you and move on! Cheers!

XOXO - Suzanne Gladstone

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