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Suzanne Gladstone is an American Singer-Songwriter from San Diego, CA. Genres include Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rap, Indie-Country, Indie-Folk, Indie-Dance. She writes and performs a multitude of genres which helps to carve out her own unique sound within each song. Her voice and style is a mixture of many wonderful artists, such as "Adele", "Amy Winehouse", "Amy Lee", "Gwen Stefani", "Stevie Nicks", "Patsy Cline", "Shania Twain", "Pink" and many more.

Suzanne has released 14 singles since 2019 (which includes her 3 Country singles "I Blew A Wish", "Barely Felt The Fall", and "You Are The Reason (My Heart Beats)". Here most recent release is "Paralyzed", which was released on 5/11/20.

She also recently released 5 singles back to back, "You Walked Away", "Is It Love", "Everything Will Be Fine", "Gazing In Your Eyes" and "Effortlessly". Check them all out, including her other recent releases, "Paralyzed", 'I Am! I Am! (My Own Kind of Pretty)", "Dust Settles", "Warrior" and "Dreamer" (which was the first single and title for this album). She is currently in the studio working on her next row of singles. She has 2 more singles coming soon which will be the finish of this series of singles for her album "Dreamer".

You can find her music video for her previous Country release, "I Blew A Wish" here on her website, YouTube channel her Facebook page or Instagram.

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You Walked Away - Single

Is It Love? - Single

Gazing In Your Eyes - Single

Everything Will Be Fine - Single

Effortlessly - Single

Paralyzed - Single

Warrior - Single

Dust Settles - Single

I Am! I Am! (My Own Kind of Pretty) - Single

Dreamer - Single


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